一、Traditional wax seal- heritage&development

Traditional wax seal- heritage&developmentWax seal applys to letters and papers is a very ancient tradition.There are information at all times and in all over the world,especially in the middle ages in Europe that seals have become particularly popular culture.Till now,it still applys in different fields.The traditional sealing wax is given priority to with rosin, shellac and turpentine are supplements, process and temperature is very elaborate and important.The choice of paint is also very limited,mainly uses the vermilion ,turquoise and other mineral pigments which extracted by manual grinding.So what we see the traditional seal wax always is red primarily.Traditional sealing wax is firm but fragile,has obvious rosin smell,is one of the most expensive goods in that times.

With the development of industrial civilization,the ingredients of seal wax become richer and pigment choice are more.Through constantly improving,now seal wax possesses moderate toughness and be more widely available,its function also tends to commercialization and ornamentality.

Traditional wax seal- heritage&development We produce seal wax that is based on traditional seal wax formula.We further improved it and chooseeco-friendly materials.After nearly 10 years of improvement and perfect the ratio of scientific ,keeping the textures of traditional seal wax as far as possible,meanwhile combines the advantages of modern seal wax.At present,our existing in the production of color has reached 108.

二、Seal wax & paper-suitability

Seal wax is oily system,in principle for coated paper, especially heavy coated paper that adhesiveness is poor.So we suggest that in considering the adaptability of paper,we should as chooce as possible wood pulp paper without coating layer.Good oil adsorption and water absorbent of pulp paper will be more guaranteed the strength of the adhesive.The influence of the coated paper also depends on the coating layer materials,if the polarity of coating layer is same as the sealing wax that it will does not affect the effect of bonding.What kind of paper and bonding effect should be subject to test.

三、Seal wax bonding with other materials

The material which fit in with the seal wax is not only limited to the paper,for the other materials that the effect of bonding is also different because of different material,such as glass, china,metal and wood.To go through the test to verify the specific effect, in our experience, wood belongs to the material of low density which can adsorbed water, are more easily to form long-term adhesive seal.High density materials such as metal is not easy to bonding.And the oil-bearing material like glass will also affect the bonding effect.Therefore when wax seal with high density materials that must be appropriate to heat oil to strengthen bonding effect.

四、The method of making the seal

The material of seal wax is different from inkpad and resin glue,its itself is a kind of hot melt material. So we need to rely on tools to heating melt.There are a lot of common methods,such as having a built-in cotton core burning melt,lighters or spray gun, hot melt glue gun or melting furnace, hot air gun and metal spoon heating.

  • When we burn seal wax with cotton core, we should choose the thickness of cotton core and size of seal wax be appropriate.
    For example excessive fire will produce a lot of smoke,too small fire is bad for seal shaped quickly.When seal wax melt dripping,we should use lateral sealing wax to smear wax liquid,making the area of wax liquid is equal or a little bigger than seal wax stamper.size,then stamp it.

  • Ethane lighter or spray gun to burn melt is a kind of simple operation,one thing to note is that lighters cannot long time ignite and need to master firepower.And spray gun has plenty of firepower, but need to avoid too high temperature burning melt towards only one direction.As far as possible in the process of burning wax by rotating seal wax to avoid high temperature, because the high temperature will cause organic molecules of seal wax be singe and affect the hue of color.

  • Hot-melt gun is a common tool for mass production of seal wax sticker.We suggest to use low temperature glue guns, and for dia.1.lcm seal wax bar should choose no more than 40w of gule gun,for dia.
    0.75-0.8cm seal wax bar should choose no more than 20w mini glue gun.The design of glue gun is better to have a temperature control switch and can prevent excessive glue.The melting point of modern wax mostly at about 800c,excessive power is bad for sealing wax liquid cooling qucikly and demoulding after stamping.size,then stamp it.

  • The principle of heat gun is using hot winds to make surface layer of wax seal burn,that making the surface layer finalize the design and cooling quickly.And it is the most efficient and safest tool for mass production of wax sticker, please see details from the video of "easy to seal" series.size,then stamp it.

Another common question of beginner is that the flame burning ashes.Practician will consciously clean up ashes,but when beginners can not avoid this,most of us can through stirring to absorb the ashes.

五、"Easy to seal "series - speeded-up method of seal

六、The method of making the seal with ribbon